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Creativity is a process and great ideas do not fall from the sky. They develop over time. Learn to fail fast and discover what is possible once you get past your comfort zone.

Phase 1 - Empathize and Gather

Understand the problem you are solving. Embrace an empathetic mindset and immerse yourself in the process. Gain a deep personal understanding of the challenges and their effects.

Phase 2 — Define The Landscape

Get a clear picture of the challenges from the end-user’s perspective, not the provider. Look for patterns and themes. Challenge the common ways of thinking and don’t assume anything.

Phase 3 — Ideation

Explore possibilities and let your creativity run wild. Exhaust your ideas. Allow yourself to think outside the box and push beyond the obvious solutions. 

Phase 4 — Rapid Prototyping

Create several simple versions of your solution. Allow people outside the process to test them and give you feedback. The idea is to fail fast and adjust until you get it right. 

Phase 5 — Test & Deliver

Test a finished product.


by David Gonyo