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Healing Design

Research suggests that we remember 80% of what we see and consume 34 gigabytes of information daily. What is it we are looking at? 

Lola Empire 'You Are What You See' (2016)

Lola Empire 'You Are What You See' (2016)

Advertising is all-present, unavoidable and ultimately distracting. By connecting us to our material existence, it imposes meaning on the world. 

In Latin, ad vertere means "to turn toward". To win us over is always the underlying motive. 

Advertising goes with mantra ‘Know What Your Customers Want Before They Do’ which highlights it’s manipulative and corruptive nature.

The information overload distracts and agitates the mind. 

We tend to freeze in the presence of too many options and resort to making convenient rather than informed decisions. 

Compromising on personal autonomy and neglecting our natural state of being results in restlessness and disorientation.

Lola Empire 'You Are What You See' (2016)

Lola Empire 'You Are What You See' (2016)

Lola Empire 'You Are What You See' (2016) 

Lola Empire 'You Are What You See' (2016) 

How could visual communication be more humane?

Let’s visualise Healing Design as an aesthetic of existence, potentially an antidote to fast life.

Healing Design is a system built on unshakeable faith in man's reason, good will, and sanity with an unwavering commitment to:

  • instill cultural awareness and social responsibility
  • render authenticity 
  • question consumerism and desire itself
  • challenge preconceptions and expose hypocrisies 
  • disrupt the fake, manic and infantile culture
  • transform perceptions by offering spiritual solutions
  • deliver consciousness-expanding experiences

It values simplicity, modesty, intimacy, and has a deep appreciation for natural objects and processes.